Hét ondernemersopleidingsinstituut van Nederland

NVAO geaccrediteerd

Sonsbeek School Of Management is a unique private education institution offering MBAs, Masters and Bachelors degree programs for both individuals who already have a job or a business and students who wish to pursue full-time studying. This unique combination provides practically oriented training meeting the current demands of the business world.


Sonsbeek School of Management is located in Arnhem in the East of the Netherlands. The decision for Arnhem as a location was a conscious choice owing to its position in between two of Europe’s largest agglomerations, namely, the Randstad in the Netherlands and Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany. These are two of West-Europe’s major hubs of entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and internationally oriented work. These four key themes will be central to all the programs offered by Sonsbeek School of Management.


All courses of Sonsbeek School of Management will be accredited by the Netherlands Business Academy.