Sonsbeek School Of Management

Sonsbeek School of Management is a private educational institution that offers a number of unique programs at Bachelor and Master level focused on specific market segments. The programs are designed in close involvement with the business community. These programs are offered to individuals who already have a job or business and for students who wish to pursue a full-time training. The unique combination of a private training initiative with industry involvement ensures an optimal preparation to the demands of the business.

Sonsbeek School of Management is located in Arnhem. The choice for Arnhem as location is a conscious choice. Arnhem is centrally located between two agglomerations, namely the Randstad and North Rhine-Westphalia. Where a significant portion of the West European companies work in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and internationalization. These four key themes will be central to all programs offered by Sonsbeek School Of Management.

The Netherlands Business Academy and EuroPort Business School closely work together in Sonsbeek School of Management. These two founders are also responsible for the accreditation of the programs of Sonsbeek School of Management. Our programs are taught by experienced professionals who also take an active role in business. They have an extensive and interesting network where you personally and your organization will have a quick and lasting benefit.

Sonsbeek School Of Management for students

When you choose Sonsbeek School of Management, you will follow programs that meet the international business demands. We teach young people to discover their strengths and to use them as much as possible.

During the programs, all aspects of entrepreneurship will be discussed from leadership to marketing and international law and innovation. Entrepreneurship is one of the focal points in our programs. Sonsbeek School of Management is not only focussing on the Netherlands but operates worldwide.

Classes are taught in small groups by top teachers and business experts. Sonsbeek School of Management has close relations with the largest and most important companies in business. Educational programmes are developed in cooperation with business life. to ensure that there is always a good connection to the labor market. So after your training you can immediately get started!

The Netherlands Business Academy is taking care of the accreditations and certification of the programs of Sonsbeek School of Management.


Visiting address:
Kortestraat 1
6811 EN Arnhem